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Venezuela United to prevent



As we are all aware, COVID-19 is spreading extremely rapidly and knows no borders. The virus has also reached Venezuela, a country which is already suffering the worst health crisis in its history. For this reason, "Salud para Venezuela", "Médicos Unidos por Venezuela" and "Meals4Hope" are joining forces in order to raise funds to deliver preventive health supplies to our health centers.

We are specifically seeking urgent funds to facilitate the shipment of basic hygienic and sanitation supplies such as alcohol, gloves, face masks, gowns, caps, disinfectants, liquid or solid soap; as well as unexpired drugs such as paracetamol, serum and bronchodilators.

The funds will serve to facilitate the shipment by sea of essential medical and hospital supplies, in order to provide medical and healthcare centers with the necessary equipment  to prevent the spread of the virus amongst doctors, nurses and contaminated patients.

We are facing a pandemic that will have devastating consequences, even without official confirmation by the health authorities. For this reason, our goal is to deliver coordinated and relevant assistance to those regions in Venezuela where the virus is spreading most rapidly.

Let’s protect our health professionals !




Thank you all very much for your generosity and support to this campaign to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Thanks to your donations we have been able to start buying and distributing bio-security material in Venezuela.

So far 600 face masks, 600 gloves and 24 liters of antibacterial gel have been purchased and distributed in Acarigua. We will continue to send sanitary supplies to the States of Mérida and Zulia but due to serious fuel supply problems, deliveries will be made as far as possible.

We will keep you informed about upcoming deliveries. We continue the prevention of COVID-19 in Venezuela !


Once again, we thank you for the generous donations that made possible the delivery of anti-COVID-19 equipment to Venezuela.

To date, we have purchased a total of 2100 gloves, 1350 face masks, 24 liters of antibacterial gel, 40 gowns, 150 surgeon hats and 50 boot covers on site. This material was distributed to Acarigua, Maracaibo and Mérida, despite logistical difficulties and gasoline shortages.

This material will not only serve healthcare professionals who operate in the inpatient department, but will also protect transfer and sanitation staff as well as infected patients who arrive at health centers lacking biosafety materials.

We will continue to inform you of upcoming deliveries. Thank you for helping us prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Venezuela!

UPDATE #3 - Campaign Closure

On behalf of Meals4Hope, Médicos Unidos por Venezuela and Salud para Venezuela we want to share with you our joy of having collected € 2000 of donations and achieved our goal of providing bio-security material to the neediest hospitals in Acarigua, Mérida and Maracaibo.

Our intention is to thank with all our hearts the people who have done their bit to protect our medical staff and patients infected with Coronavirus.

We want to remind you that the pandemic persists and that the drama of shortages of medical and health supplies is still in many areas of the country. That is why this fundraising campaign will remain open for those who still want to donate and send as many anti-Covid supplies to Venezuela as possible.

Thanks to the funds raised to TODAY, 2,250 gloves, 1,850 masks, 32 liters of hydroalcoholic gel, 50 robes, 150 surgeon caps and 50 boot covers have been purchased and distributed on-site to respond to the pandemic emergency.

Our gratitude extends to our health personnel inside and outside Venezuela, who exercise their profession with such dedication despite the circumstances, as well as to the persons and associations sensitive to facilitate quality medical care in Venezuela.

This campaign is another example that strength is in the union and that now, more than ever, it is time to UNITE wills to SAVE lives.

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