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United Doctors of Venezuela in France


Venezuela is  currently experiencing a major economic crisis unprecedented in the history of the country and even of the continent. The crisis has affected the health sector considerably; a high percentage of Venezuelans do not have access to necessary medical care, causing serious health problems amongst the most vulnerable populations.


The existence of a parallel drugs trade is another sad reality we are facing; in many cases these "drugs" sold up to 10 times their formal price do not meet the required health standards.


As regards the current situation in Venezuelan hospitals, 85% of the medical teams are not operative due to the lack of medical supplies, keeping them from providing adequate health care. Ninety percent of all emergency services are out of order, and the remaining 10 percent  constantly face interruptions in water supplies and electricity services. And last but not least, some 33,000 doctors have emigrated in recent years due to the crisis.

Hospital personnel have been severely affected : the "salary" (in constant devaluation) as well as the precarious sanitary conditions in hospitals have forced a large percentage of young Venezuelan doctors in training to abandon their studies and their practice, resulting in a considerable decrease in the number of medical personnel in public hospitals.


To deal with this health crisis, MUV (Médicos Unidos Venezuela) was founded on October 13, 2016 - made up of Venezuelan doctors committed to help and address the current humanitarian crisis. Several national and international chapters were created soon after.

Currently, several MUVs are active in different countries, including Chile, the Netherlands, Spain, Peru, Colombia (MUV Nord Santander), the United States (in 3 states: Texas, Utah and Washington) and soon Uruguay will follow. Within this context, we created MUV France, where a group of Venezuelan doctors and other health professionals living in France joined forces to amplify the actions of the Venezuelan diaspora in the face of this health crisis.



To denounce the profound  crisis Venezuela is going through, especially in the health sector, in order to alert about the extent of this tragedy, as well as the need to act urgently.


Accompany Venezuelan doctors (and other health professionals) during the integration process upon their arrival in France.


To improve access to medical care for the Venezuelan population by facilitating the shipment of drugs and medical and surgical equipment to hospitals or to the most affected populations.


Support medical students in Venezuela during their internship through the program "Sponsorship of an intern in Venezuela", in order to help them complete their studies and later on integrate the hospital system in crisis. This programme aims to curb the exodus of Venezuelan doctors.

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